The Bulls Eye, before the 8 sec ride inside the chute by D.Enise
The task ahead is mighty,
each cowboy knows his lot,
it's win or lose the bounty,
an' go up or down a slot.

He straddles the great Brahma
inside the narrow chute,
pulls his hat down good 'n tight
before he gives the boot.

Ties his hand to the bell-rope,
secures it once or twice,
then scoots himself above it,
while the bull ain't actin' nice.

The critter snorts 'n paws the dirt
just waitin' to dismount
the cowboy sittin' on his back
before eight seconds count.

Then rider gives a signal,
it's us'lly just a nod,
an' the keeper of the gate pulls wide,
an' runs thru' muck 'n sod.

Out comes the bull like lightenin',
he's movin' awful fast,
twistin' an' a turnin'
in hopes the guy won't last.

Dirt 'n dust is flyin' as
that bull spins round an' round,
up an' down he's leapin'
to land rider on the ground.

The cowboy keeps his free arm
swingin' in the air,
it's man 'n beast contestin'
an' it's do, or die, or dare.

The buzzer fin'lly screeches,
an' the rider just wants down,
he jumps clear of the killer bull,
an' hides behind a clown.

He's hopin' for a buckle,
an' that championship pay,
but if he just breaks even,
he'll try another day,

'Cause rodeoin's in his blood,
he knows no other life,
an' very few are lucky
with an understandin' wife.

Folks scratch their heads in wonder
at what makes a person ride
but only he can answer
'cause it's somethin' deep inside.

Is the cowboy brave or crazy,
they just can't say for sure,
but they stare in sheer amazement
when he gives that bull the spur.

The crowds 'll keep on comin'
as long as cowboys choose
to ride the frightful Brahmas,
competin', win or lose.

©2004 Tamara Hillman
The Bull Rider by D.Enise
Bull Rider
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